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Spider Web Aesthetic

 Spider Web Aesthetic

Spiderweb Aesthetic is the latest aesthetic skin rejuvination technique, the most popular being  the “Thread Lift” also known as the  Spiderweb Facelift. 

In one of the most demanding markets and a large contributer to health tourism, many doctors have said that the spiderweb technique will be among the favorite aesthetic techniques in the years to follow. 

With this miraculous, simple and painless cosmetic method, it is possible to get skin that appears more lively rolling back time as far as 10 years. Because there is no healing process for this technique unlike a surgical facelift; patients are able to swim, sunbathe and shower immediately after the procedure.  The results are immediate however the final results are reached by the 4th week.

It is inevitable that our skin will lose its appearance and feel over the years.   The causes of this are the elastine fibers and collagen fibers that are no longer as tight as they use to be.  As we age the cells of the skin can no longer renew themselves as rapidly and become damaged over time resulting in loose and saggy skin. 

The Spiderweb facelift delivers thin PDO (polydioxanone) threads under the skin by using very fine needles. These threads are replacement for the thinning fibers in our skin causing it to be saggy.  The threads cause the same effect as an adhesive that tighten and make it possible to regain its form.  Because this procedure has no side effects, can be done with the simple application of anesthetic cream and causes no pain afterwards making it one of the most popular procedures amongst women travelling to Marmaris.  The ease of the process allows patients to explore the town. The procedure takes 30 minutes on average and the threads dissolve within 6 to 8 months. With this technique, the effects last 2 to 3 years.