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Mesotherapy Applications

 Mesotherapy Applications

The purposed of the mesotherapy includes regulating the blood and lymph circulation, helping with the regeneration of the cells, achieving local slimming as well as removal of cellulitis from body sections through lipolytic medicines, and relieving local pains using painkillers.

* Skin care and Anti-aging: Face, over hand, neck, lower-neck
* Hair loss
* Local removal of fat tissue (lipolysis): Abdominal, belly, hip, sides of waist, inner thighs, knee fat pads, eye bags, cheeks, jowl, nape
* Removal of cellulitis
* Firming: abdomen, inner arms
* Stretch marks
* Injuries due to exercise, migraine, other cases

Materials to be injected are selected due to person and purpose. It can be applied on all men and women between the ages of 18-65. However, Mesotherapy is not applicable to heart failure, diabetes and kidney diseases. Also, even there aren’t any side effects seen, it is not recommended in pregrant or in lactation.

You can see the effect of mesotherapy in lesser time than other cosmetic practices such as massage, paraffin and algae. In contrary to surgical applications, there is no need for local or general anesthesia and it does not affect daily life. It can be applied both in summer or winter, yet winter and spring months are preferable in cellulites and regional slimming.

Mesotherapy should be performed by experienced specialists. Occasionally, minor bruises may occur in several spots. If it is applied to wrong patients, or given a wrong medication or in cases of overdose, there might be side effects.

Mesotherapy treatment varies from person to person and lasts about 8-10 sessions (more can applied if necessary). Session intervals should be at least 5-7 days.

Fine-tipped, special 4-6 mm long mesotherapy needles are used. It is done superficially by giving a small amount of medicine to many dots. Although varies from person, the sensation of pain is not heard much. Local analgesic creams can be applied to sensitive people. Treatment does not affect person’s daily life. Sometimes, bruises may occur in several areas where needle passed, but they pass in 5-7 days. An average session lasts about 10-15 minutes.

Cellulite Mesotherapy:

Mixtures injected under the skin with mesotherapy, regulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation, solves fat deposits and fixes hardened connective tissues. In this way, it also fixes the wavy appearance of the skin.

Regional Slimming Mesotherapy:

It is used in regional anointment (fat) treatments. Fat burning and destructing drug mixtures are applied to problem areas, and regional thinning and recovery in contours are provided.

Face and Hair Mesotherapy:

Prepared mixtures are used for healthier looking skin and in treatment for hair loss on scalp skin and face. In the end, significant reduction in hair loss and healthier appearance of the skin is provided.


To erase aging effects on face, hand and revealing areas, and to reduce skin dryness, various unique medicines and hyaluronic acid mixtures are implemented as a mesotherapy method depending on the need for 2-3 sessions in every 2-3 weeks.