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Medical Skin Care

 Medical Skin Care

Facials are applied to protect and fix the skin quality. It is suggested to gain the habit of deep skin cleaning as from the puberty and to apply facial once in a month. It is possible to protect the freshness and health of the skin for a long time with a professional care. The important point is to be implemented an accurate skin analysis by an esthetician and doctor and to apply correct products for the skin characteristics in the facial. 


Basic skin (cleansing) - Lifting care 
Anti-acne care - Anti-blemish care 
Couperose care - Eye care 
Moisture balancer care (for allergic skin)

How is skin type determined ?
Before starting to apply facial, an extensive skin analyze is implemented in our clinic. Therefore, in the view of fat, moisture and elasticity rate, the skin type is determined as oily, dry, normal, mature or sensitive skin. Then, appropriate programs for the skin type are prepared. 

Why is facial necessary ?

Our skin loses its balance by the reasons of UV light, make-up, free radicals, smoking, stress or malnutrition. It is very useful to pay attention to cleanness and care of our skin not for just esthetical reasons but also for health in order to wrinkles and deformation which will occur by aging. Facial is the most important fact to fix the degree of acidity of the skin, to provide clean and shrank pores. 

Who can have facials ?

It is suggested for everyone even people with perfect skin to have facials once in a month after 20 years old. Facials are applied for treatment of acne, cell recovery, regulating moisture balance and reducing thin lines. 

Which methods are used for facials ?

Along with the lunch time peelings, chemical peelings and deep peelings which provides pore cleaning, serums, massages and masks to dry acne are used accordingly with the skin type and need. It is enough to apply a facial once in a month for problem-free skins and once in 15-20 days for acne problems in puberty.